Procurement Services Birmingham, London and Bournemouth

Procurement Services Birmingham, London and Bournemouth

Procurement Services

Fellows have extensive experience in both public and private procurement of construction and property related projects.

When considering procurement options it is important to note that any given situation will depend upon the nature and scope of the work proposed, how the risks are to be apportioned, how and where responsibility for design is to be placed, how the work is to be coordinated and on what price basis the contract is to be awarded.

We often manage the entire procurement process on behalf of our Clients to include the development and assessment of OJEU Notices, pre-qualification questionnaires, invitation to tender, evaluation and interview, through to final recommendation.

We also offer numerous post appointment services to manage the successful contractor thus minimising risk and ensuring overall financial control. The Fellows team have extensive experience in procurement option appraisals in line with project deliverables and commonly recommend the optimum solution to our Clients based on their internal processes.