Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing – EWI Procurement, Shropshire


This external refurbishment project consists primarily of installation of new external wall insulation to Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing’s Cornish and Swedish properties located in various sites around Shropshire. Other works included with the regeneration project: structural improvements and remediation, windows, roofing, external doors, porch replacement and concrete floor replacement.


65 Cornish type properties and 7 non-traditional post-war Swedish style timber constructed properties to be refurbished.

Fellows Add Value:

Fellows have been appointed by Shropshire Towns and Rural Housing in order to assist them in the procurement of a suitably qualified and experienced contractor to carry out the bespoke refurbishment works. As well as preparation for tender, Fellows also assisted in collating specifications and stock information in order for ST&RH to achieve best value in the tender for the external wall insulation of their Cornish and Swedish style properties.

What our Client says:

“It’s rare to find a consultancy that are prepared to go the extra mile for you, and it’s rarer still to find one that is as professional as it is personable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fellows’ services to others because they have been a great asset to our building programme, always offering sensible and accurate advice to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.”

Jason O’Donoghue, Development Manager