Rampion Offshore Wind Farm


A new Operations and Maintenance building for E.ON to serve The Rampion Offshore Wind Farm; a ‘Round 3’ offshore wind farm development, located in the eastern English Channel, corresponding to the stretch of coast extending from Worthing to Newhaven.


As part of the planning for this job many aspects will need to be taken into account such as; traffic from construction vehicles, manage public rights of way disturbances and landscape management plans.

Fellows Add Value:

Fellows Construction Consultants have been appointed to provide Project Management, Cost Management, and Contract Administration services for the new Operations and Maintenance building.

Fellows will be working closely with the design team to ensure an efficient project is achieved throughout by providing services such as; ensuring planning conditions are met, programming, cost planning, value engineering, tender process, contract documentation, Employer’s Agent/ Contract Administrator, monthly cost reporting and advising the Client of contractual obligations.