MHA Moreton Care Home


The Moreton Care Home has been in use since the 1950s and various extensions and alterations have been carried out at the premises during its 60 years in use as a residential care home. MHA are demolishing the existing 35 bed apartment building and constructing in its place, a 61 bed apartment building, complete with communal living facilities in order to improve the quality of living for its residents.


The build will feature significant communal facilities including; restaurant, cinema, launderette, hobbies & craft room, lounge and communal gardens.

Fellows Add Value:

Fellows’ appointment as Project Manager, Cost Manager, and Employer’s Agent included the swift procurement of the professional team and surveys, in order to enable the delivery of an economically feasible and architecturally appropriate scheme, suitable for a planning submission within a tight timeframe.

As Cost Consultants, Fellows provided initial upfront financial advice to the Client and Design Team, to ensure that from project inception, the proposed designs were both economical and deliverable. Following the procurement of the architect, structural engineers and mechanical and electrical consultants, Fellows were able to rationalise design elements such as foundation design and heating solutions to ensure that the initial design concept suited the Client’s requirements and the unique constraints of the site.