Bloor Homes – Gwalior House, Enfield


Bloor Homes

Project Value



Built in 1937, Gwalior House originally catered for 18 high-end flats, which were highly popular due to the modern features that were incorporated at the time.


Bloor homes intend to build nine 4 bed 3 storey houses in accordance with the code for sustainable homes level 4 and Lifetime homes. The development will be filled with modern features whilst still maintaining the historical features of the original build on site.

Fellows Add Value:

As Bloor Homes continue to maintain their status within the residential market, they pursue lucrative, strategic development opportunities for large scale developments.

Fellows were appointed by Bloor Homes to provide pre- contract services for the build of nine 3-storey houses. Fellows acted in an impartial manner in order to establish cost certainty as to align with the Client’s overall budget needed for the construction works.

The Fellows team added real value to the process due to their high level of experience in cost management and quantity surveying.