BREEAM Earth, Bicton


A new state of the art, environmentally friendly public school. The scheme will be designed and constructed in accordance with the BREEAM 2008 education assessment.


The build will include excellent thermal massing, responsibly sourced construction materials, sustainable urban drainage and renewable technology.

Fellows Add Value:

Fellows were appointed at an advanced stage during the construction process, which required constant engagement with the design team in order to accomplish the required BREEAM rating.

Fellows always recommend that as the clients BREEAM Consultants, we are appointed as early as possible within the design process, to ensure that all feasibility designs consider sustainability and meet the BREEAM  criteria. This is not always possible, and in the case of BREEAM EArTH, Fellows have had to implement recommendations based upon an existing design. Although this limits our ability to affect design choices, the end result will indeed be a scheme which will fully embrace sustainability and is also efficient in achieving cost effective BREEAM credits at the earliest opportunity.