Bloor Homes -Banbury Road Infrastructure Cost Management to Serve 230 Residential Properties


Bloor Homes

Project Value



Bloor Homes have been building houses for over 45 years and are currently one of the largest privately owned UK house builders. The proposed green field development site covers an area of circa 14.5ha comprising 230 residential properties, commercial units, sports facilities and public open space. The project will be placed to aid cash flow and compliment the mixed use nature of the development.


The mixed use development will consist of: Residential; Commercial and Leisure facilities.

Fellows Add Value:

As Bloor Homes continue to maintain their status within the residential market, they pursue lucrative, strategic development opportunities for large scale developments.

Fellows Construction Consultants have been appointed by Bloor Homes to provide an independent financial assessment of the site wide infrastructure works and supporting facilities associated with urban expansion and large residential developments.