Fellows to Deliver 2 New Warehouse Facilities in Enfield

Fellows Construction Consultants are delighted to have been appointed by The Aytans Estate as Project & Cost Managers, leading on the delivery of two new warehouse facilities in Enfield, London.

We are excited to be given the opportunity to demonstrate our formidable skillset to a new Client, who is determined to make progress despite the current lockdown constraints.

Since our commencement in April 2020, we have collated and assembled into order, considerable amounts of historic project information, which had the risk of adding confusion and potentially abortive works to the process. We have also procured a full consultant design team and are pushing onwards to discharge the pre-commencement and Section 106 conditions within the coming weeks.

Beyond this, we will be optimising the value of the design by seeking Value Engineering opportunities for the Client, before procuring a building contractor on a Design & Build basis to conclude the technical design, site enabling (including controlled demolition) and phased construction of the two plots.

The project also requires robust engagement with adjacent land owners, to ensure their delivery of the access roads and associated buried infrastructure are carried out in conjunction with the site works.