Fellows appointed on Wrekin Housing Trust Passivhaus Development

Wrekin Housing Trust appointed Fellows to provide Employer’s Agent services, supporting the delivery of Passivhaus units in Arleston, Telford. Fellows will support the Trust with Project and Cost Management services throughout the duration of the project.

The project involves the construction of 4no. 69m2 2B4P semi-detached Passivhaus units and all associated mechanical and electrical services, drainage and external works.

Passivhaus units are quicker to build – the timber panels can be erected onsite in less than 6 weeks and are manufactured offsite, which ensures better quality control. With the worldwide focus of reducing carbon emissions, Passivhaus units are more energy efficient and once occupied, have the potential to use up to 90% less energy than traditional build through reduced heat loss.

The units will be the first Passivhaus dwellings delivered by Wrekin Housing Trust, with the intention to roll out the design and construction of further Passivhaus units to all infill sites owned by the Trust.

Fellows were instrumental in this bespoke project, working closely with Wrekin to investigate the use of the Passivhaus approach. This included a factory site visit and review of previous projects delivered by Beattie Passive House. The project included Wrekin using their own apprentice labour to deliver the timber panel element of the build.